Voluma Morristown New Jersey

Voluma Morristown New Jersey

Dr Rafizadeh’s blunt cannula injection is particularly suitable for Voluma which is FDA approved for cheek enhancement. Voluma and this FDA approval has brought the attention to the volume deficit resulting from aging and the aesthetic benefit of the lift effect obtained when the cheek bone areas are filled. Artistic evaluation of each individual face allows Dr. Rafizadeh to place the filler in the appropriate area obtaining results that are truly unique. The blunt cannula technique that he has mastered for many years eliminates the pain of injection and produces no bruising. Call us to find out if cheek enhancement can be the simple solution for revealing the beauty of your face. Voluma Morristown is only one of the fillers that we routinely use. In addition to Voluma we use other highly effective  volumizers such as Radiesse and Restylane lift.


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