Lip Lift or Upper lip Shortening in New Jersey

Lip Lift New Jersey

Lip lift when needed has an immense impact on facial beauty and youth. If you look at the top models who are known for their facial beauty, they all have a short upper lip skin, meaning that the distance between the bottom of their nose to the upper border of the lip is short. One can usually see the upper incisor teeth even when they are not smiling. The upper lip lengthens with age and covers the upper teeth. As the upper teeth disappear the lower teeth become more visible. This is definitely a sign of the aging face. Look at the beautiful pictures of the young Brigitte Bardo’s face doing a google image search and compare they to the picture  of her as an old lady. She obviously didn’t have any plastic surgery and that’s her choice, but look at the changes to her upper lip. She is still a beautiful woman and it is up to her to decide how she wants to look. But she is a great demonstration of the effects of time on our facial features. Lip lift in New Jersey is performed routinely by Dr. Rafizadeh in our office under local anesthesia with minimal discomfort. If the appearance of your lip is a problem, call us today for further information 973 2670928.


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