Choosing a plastic surgeon in New Jersey

Choosing a plastic surgeon could be easy, but with all the misinformation, conflicting information and confusion, it is indeed a difficult task.

Dr. Farhad Rafizadeh is a  board certified plastic surgeon based in Morristown New Jersey. He has been in practice for over a quarter of a century and offers to his patients his tremendous experience in all aspects of plastic surgery.  His interest in facelifts, eyelid surgery and rhinoplasty (Nose reshaping) over the years has allowed him to develop small modifications to each of these surgical procedures in an effort to make them more effective and less invasive. This means a faster recovery. Dr. Rafizadeh says, “every step of a surgical procedure has to have a precise purpose. These steps have to be executed meticulously, respecting the tissues and if a step is not going to make a difference in results it should be avoided.” Virtuosity in plastic surgery develops with talent and time. When a cook graduates from a great culinary school he has learned the principles of cooking and recipes. He develops into a great chef by way of his talent and the experience he gains over time. It is the same for a great pianist and also the same for a great plastic surgeon. This website is about the doctor’s experience in facial plastic surgery and will expose his personal philosophy in the achieving great results and avoiding complications. Avoiding gimmicks, Dr. Rafizadeh would only recommend procedures that are effective and will produce a significant difference. Surgery is performed in our surgery center or at Morristown Medical Center out patient operating room. Dr Rafizadeh favors local anesthesia with moderate sedation for most facial procedures, but patients are offered the choice of having an anesthesiologist for a deeper sedation or general anesthesia.

All injections like Botox, Dysport, Restylane, Perlane, Juvederme, Radiesse and Voluma are performed in the office often immediately after the consult.

Consultations are comprehensive and often involve computer imaging as a communication tool. To make an appointment at a convenient time for you, please call : (973) 2670928.


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