Fat Grafting in Face Morristown New Jersey

Fat Grafting in the Face Morristown New Jersey

Ever since the advent of fine blunt cannulae for fat injections, fat grafting in the face has become a major component of facial augmentation. Because it is performed using the patient’s own tissue, it has an appeal to many people. But, because it has to be harvested and requires a donor site, it is not as practical as other fillers. It has been shown that it takes and stays in place, but there is no data that shows it takes and stays consistently. It is believed that fifty percent of the fat stays. Dr. Rafizadeh has had a solid experience with fat grafting to the face, especially in the cheeks and the nasolabial folds. It is particularly useful in the tear through area. The orbital fat is a great source for tear through as well. Fat grafting to the face is done at the time of a blepharoplasty or a facelift procedure But is can be performed under a local anesthetic in the office. This procedure could be considered as non invasive as the filler injections and if done expertly, is extremely safe.



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