Chin Implant

Chin Implant New Jersey:

Chin implants are used to augment the chin prominence and bring it into more balance with the rest of the face. This procedure which is also called chin augmentation can be done independently or in conjunction with a rhinoplasty. The balance between the shape of the nose and the chin is so important that it becomes necessary to augment the chin when the nasal hump is removed, but only if the chin is deficient. Dr. Rafizadeh believes that it is better not to remove the nasal hump in a patient who has an inadequate chin prominence if she refuses a chin augmentation.

It is critical to keep the facial balance and harmony so that the results look natural and in order to avoid the operated look.

Chin implant preoperative picture. Farhad Rafizadeh MDChin Implant Post op picture Farhad Rafizadeh MD

Chin Implant Procedure:

The implants come in various sizes and shapes. We have all the templates in our office in Morristown New Jersey and during the consultation Dr. Rafizadeh will place them on the patient’s chin to determine the right size and shape and orders the proper implant for the patient.

The procedure is done under a local anesthetic under strict sterile conditions. Dr. Rafizadeh prefers to insert the implant through a small incision under the chin rather than go through the mouth. This allows a more precise implant position and no contamination by the mouth bacteria.

Complications of Chin Implants:

The most common complication of chin augmentation is implant displacement or misplacement. The precise pocket dissection is very important. Dr Rafizadeh fixates the implant in the midline with suture that is designed to prevent movements.

Other complication are infection which is rare especially when intra-oral approach is avoided.

The chin implant make a significant difference in the patients appearance and there are patients who can not adjust to it. This is an operation that the patient must want and totally understand. They can love the result or not depending on this understanding.

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