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Looking at yourself when you are very tired and you haven’t gotten enough sleep or in the morning before you are totally awake, you will find that your eyebrows sit a lot lower than usual. A low brow position indeed makes you look tired. Men tend to tolerate the low brow a bit better than women. A Brow lift will help make you look more awake, more energetic, and happier. Sometimes, the brow lift is necessary after a facelift to eliminate the excess skin that is generated in the temples after vertical elevation of the cheeks. The brow lift is sometimes indicated when a patient complains of heavy upper lids and has a low brow which could come down lower after the upper eyelid operation. In this case, the brow needs to be lifted into a fixed position before the upper lid excess can be evaluated and removed.


The brow lift procedure used to be done with a long coronal incision, the kind of incision  neurosurgeons use to do brain surgery. That operation worked well, but it was hard to describe it to patients. Many patients didn’t want to hear that you would cut them from ear to ear across the top of their head and flip the entire front of the scalp and the forehead over their nose just to get access to a couple of tiny muscles between the eyebrows. Thankfully, the endoscopy changed that. Dr Rafizadeh has been doing the endoscopic brow lift since it was invented. Through a small incision at the hairline, the skin of the forehead is lifted under the periosteum (the layer over the bone) which is then released in the brow area. The sensory nerves to the scalp are identified and carefully preserved. Between the nerve, the corrugator and procerous muscles that cause the frowning are striped with a small clamp looking through a scope which sends the image to a wide, high definition tv monitor. Then, the forehead is lifted and fixated to the scalp or a piece of forehead skin is taken out at the hairline laterally in the fuzzy hair area and the lateral part of the brow is lifted. The frowning is eliminated by removing those nasty frown muscles. Finally, the incision is closed. In the same way laparoscopy has helped make a gall bladder operation less invasive, the endoscopic brow lift has made this surgery much more comfortable for the patient and allows a faster recovery.

There is usually a tiny drain that is removed the next day. Dr. Rafizadeh would perform the operation under local anesthesia and administer the moderate sedation himself, unless the patient desires a heavy sedation in which case an anesthesiologist will have to be present.


The recovery from a brow lift operation is complete in a week. There is initially a headache-like pain for a day which is treated with medication. There is some temporary numbness that will totally go away within weeks.








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